Leadership through Crisis & Change

Every organization, regardless of size, will from time to time face tough challenges and changes. That is the only guarantee in business.  The key for any business owner is not to delay responding to the consequences of change. They are real and with a good strategy implementation can usually be overcome. 

We offer experience in dealing with such challenges and can provide a roadmap to navigate through crisis and changes.

Compassionate Reorganization

Reorganizations are an inevitability of a company that is growing and changing. Too often we are afraid to make changes because it impacts long term employees who have been loyal to the company. The result is often companies don't make the tough decisions that are needed to grow and prosper.

We offer ways to deal with reorganization in a compassionate manner, with attention to the culture that made the business successful and attractive to employees in the past. 

Interim Placement of C-Level Management Staff

A critical ingredient in the success of any business is having the right C-Level team in place. If your organization is in need of a new senior person or a replacement we can assist in the interim placement of C-Level management in CEO, COO, CFO, CTO, and CHR positions. 

Strategic Business Planning

All successful businesses have in place strategic plans that provide focus for the resources (talent, time and capital) of the organization to achieving its long term objectives. 

We have experience in assisting management with business plans for both internal and external purposes. They are easier that you think to work through. 

Governance for Non-Profits

Many non-profit boards do not have strong governance. This can lead to inefficiencies in time management, a lack of clearly defined responsibilities and boundaries between the Board and the Executive, and a lack of focus on what is critical to the success of the organization.

We offer real solutions from years of experience in senior leadership positions on various non-profit and for-profit boards that can help your organization quickly become more focused and successful.