Human Resource Procedures and Practices

Proper procedures and practices are needed for any business or non-profit to successfully manage their staff while negotiating the maze of Federal and State labor laws and regulations.  

We offer services and expertise in the following areas to ensure you have the best Human Resource Procedures and Practices in place matching your company culture and providing the groundwork to allow for growth:

  • Human Resource procedures and practices audit – Review of your current or proposed policies and procedures for compliance with regulations and best practices.  
  • Employee Manuals – Develop written policies and procedures including an employee handbook and manager/supervisor Standard Operating Procedures; implement and provide training on the new procedures.
  • Harassment Procedures and Training –Design, implement and train employees and managers on policies and procedures tailored to your company to avoid sexual harassment, bullying and other forms of harassment.  Provide confidential third party investigation service prior to a legal complaint being made, or work with your attorney to resolve a filed complaint.

Staffing Management

The hallmark of a great work place is consistent, compassionate management of the staff throughout the employment cycle.  We offer expert assistance in all steps of the cycle from hiring and on boarding to termination and outplacement services.

  • Job Descriptions – Develop or revise written job descriptions for full time, part time and volunteer positions for new positions and/or current positions, including classification of all jobs by duties according to the Fair Labor Standards Act.
  • Recruitment, Hiring and On boarding – Prepare the job recruitment strategy, and manage all aspects of the recruitment process through to a successful job offer and appropriate on-boarding program. 
  • Employee retention and development – Plan job training, advancement tracks and job expansions to help develop talent in your work force and retain key employees.
  • Termination and Outplacement – Advise and prepare legal termination procedures.  Help outgoing employees with writing resumes and job search techniques.  Help with staff development to fill vacant job tasks.
  • Compensation and Benefit Management – Design and implement compensation and benefit packages meeting the needs of you and your employees.  Prepare total compensation statements and undertake pay studies to develop strategic total compensation plans. Review of your pay strategies to meet new FLSA overtime regulations.

Safety Programs for OSHA Compliance

Safety is part of the everyday culture in a great work place.  Going beyond OSHA compliance we offer real world experience in the preparation and implementation of safety practices and procedures based on Job Hazard Analysis or the results of a voluntary third party audit by Safety Works or other Risk Management professional.

  • Job Hazard Analysis – A standardized review with your employees of the potential hazards of each task that make up a job and the safety measures that will alleviate the hazards.
  • Safety Standard Operating Procedures – Develop written policies and procedures for a safe work environment meeting regulations and providing a good work environment.  We will also implement and train employees on these procedures. 

Information Management

From meeting legal requirements for information storage to having systems that easily give you the data you need to manage your staff a well thought out Human Resource Information plan that meets your needs today and will grow with your company is vital for success.  

Whether you are ready for a full scale computerized Human Resource Information System or in need of help designing a simple system for time and payroll management, we have the expertise to lead the project to meet your company’s needs and ensure smooth and efficient implementation with full integration with your current systems.