Darrell Pardy CA, CPA

Darrell has held a professional accounting designation since 1984 and lead two different organizations as the senior financial leader until assuming the CEO role in both companies. In his roles he was the lead on establishing the accounting and financial systems and controls from established simple charts of accounts and financial statements to the negotiation of over $50m in bank lines. In both companies he built strong financial organizations with highly trained successors. 

At Abba North America he lead the finance team from 1985 through 1989 when he became President and CEO. During his tenure as CFO he established over $50m in credit facilities for the company as it grew from $3m in annual revenue to over $100m. Darrell lead the implementation of the IT systems for the company as well as establishing all of the internal financial controls.

Darrell used his finance skills to negotiate and finance the buyout of Abba North America in 1991, establishing Bristol Seafood with his co-founding partner - Ray Swenton. During his twenty years as CFO at Bristol, Darrell was responsible for the implementation of all the accounting systems, the financial and operating controls, and the IT systems. During his tenure as CEO the company grew to $40m in revenue with $8m in financing. 

With over 30 years of experience in accounting and finance Darrell can help your organization navigate the challenges associated with startup, rapid growth and expansion, and the need for financing. He has extensive experience at budgeting and cash flow management having managed over a billion dollars in his career. 

CEO and CFO experience – 30 years

  • Board President experience in profit and not for profit organizations
  • Mentoring others in the organization to be independent problem solvers
  • Human resource management skills
  • Developing external partnerships to create compassionate business relationships

Providing fiduciary management for companies/entrepreneurs

  • Managing all aspects of financial accounting for internal and external reporting
  • Relationship management with financial institutions
  • Budget creation with revenue-expense and capital modeling
  • Cash flow management and analysis
  • Working capital and long-term debt raising
  • 3rd party capital raising

Business Development

  • Used a metrics and goal driven approach to grow profitable revenue
  • Able to “tell the story” why a product or service is what the customer needs
  • Understands supply chain and logistic issues
  • Understand channels of distribution strategies
  • Able to create compensation programs that motivate team members
  • Able to coach and train sales team to exceed their budgets

Strategic Planning

  • Has developed and implemented strategic plans to help companies grow from $3m to over $100m and from startup to $40m
  • Has developed and managed strategic plans for non-profit organizations

Education and Certification

  • Bachelor of Commerce (Hons), Dalhousie University, Halifax Nova Scotia
  • Chartered Accountancy Designation, Newfoundland Canada 1984
  • Chartered Accountancy Designation, Nova Scotia Canada 1985
  • Canadian Professional Accountant, Nova Scotia Canada 2015